May 18, 2008

And Here We Go...

So I have finally given into peer pressure, dirty looks & nasty letters and have joined the land of the bloggers. I feel like there should be flashing lights, yellow tape, or at least a few warnings. I guess mainly you should know (and many of you do) that I am a sports loving goofball that is somehow ridiculously sensitive. This combination quite possibly could lead to disaster, entertainment, or sheer embarrassment on my part, considering I am sitting in front of a keyboard with the option to type nearly anything that comes to mind on this screen for the whole world to read. Another warning, I promise I will write, like it or not, as I plan on spending a large quantity of time this summer in my hometown (population 8,000). I am certain I will have entertaining stories or will be bored to tears...either way, I will write. Gosh...I hope they have wireless!!!

I had a hard time choosing a name for my blog. I wanted it to be something all encompassing that actually had meaning in my own life. The "thinker" in me spent many a days analyzing and mulling over potential names. Its easy for married couples or families, as they simply add a cute adjective to go with their family name. I wanted something to describe me, where I am in life, and where He is taking me. For some reason "Under Construction," although fitting, didn't seem to flow?? I guess I could have just somehow added a twist to my unprounceable last name, although you wouldn't get updates on my husband or kids, as I don't have either, but I would most certainly tell you the latest news on my fabulous dog!!!

So after many sleepless nights, I came up with "Beautiful Surrender" as I feel that is exactly where I am. About a year ago God began doing a complete "makeover" on my heart and life. He called me out of my comfortable, easy, lukewarm "Christian" life of mediocrity and began leading me down the path of sanctification. My life was turned upside down due to a few tramatic events and life changes. He pointed a spotlight on all the ugly areas in my life that required renovation in order to be more like Christ. With this has come the lesson of humility (and the revealing of my selfish pride), loving the unlovable, submitting my will for His, and simply having faith when it seems absolutely impossible. And this on-going process has left me at utter and complete surrender to Him, His ways, and His plans. Even when it doesn't make sense. Even when I don't want to. Even when my ideas seem easier and more exciting. And that is the beauty of it all. To submit to the Creator of the Universe trusting that His ways are ALWAYS higher and better than anything I could ever dream up.

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Risse said...

Great post Shanna, simply amazing!!!!