May 25, 2009

Mi Hermana

Growing up she had the prettiest red hair. It was long and seemed to always be fixed in cute little braids or ponytails. Well, cuter than mine, since my parents apparently wanted a boy and decided to give me the "bowl" cut until I was at least 5. I've been told that once I was so eager to take a spin on the bike that I yanked her off by her braids. I think my actions actually were in response to her taunting and tormenting me as she rode up and down the sidewalk. Slowing down and speeding up when she got near me, of course. *grin*

She's always been very talented, smart, athletic. It was apparent in her academics, cheerleading and gymnastics. Afraid of nothing and willing to try just about anything - she has gone sky diving many times as well as traveled and lived in numerous countries.

Our parents got a divorce when we were young. Being the older sister, she was forced to grow up faster and take on many responsibilities. She looked after me and protected me. Don't get me wrong, we fought like cats and dogs (mainly because of my smart mouth or obnoxious remarks). But she would never let anyone say or do anything hurtful to me.

The last two years have been "transition" periods for both of us. I guess it is that stage after you have spent a few years out of college questioning what you really want to do with the rest of your life. It wasn't always easy, but I am so thankful we were in that season at the same time. Together. There were feelings and emotions that only she could understand because she was experienceing them as well. With me.

She's not afraid to go against the grain. To ask questions. Think for herself. I LOVE this about her. She is independent and doesn't care what others think. Compassionate and caring, she befriends those that most people would not. She loves fearlessly. She has a heart of gold and judges not. When I grow up I want to be more like her...

I wish I could be there today with her. To celebrate this magnificent day when she was brought into the world. To give her a long hug and tell her how much I love her. How much God loves her. To thank her for being one of my greatest encouragers. To express how grateful I am that she is my sister. My best friend.

Happy Birthday Bonnie!!

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