November 2, 2009

Día de los Muertos

There are no classes today, as it is a holiday in Mexico. Literally translated it means “day of the dead”. This day has been part of the Mexican culture and tradition for over 500 years. From what I understand, today the Mexican people honor their deceased loved ones – family and friends. They create beautiful altars with candles, pictures, and marigold flowers. They also decorate gravesites and bring items such as food, alcohol, and toys as gifts for the ones that have passed. While I am sure there is a significant difference in my beliefs from theirs - as far as life, death, and eternity - it is beautiful how they celebrate the lives of those that are no longer here.

The school held various events and activities depicting the background and traditions of this special day. The teachers and students invited me to today’s festivities to learn more about their culture. Below are a few photos...

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