May 27, 2008

A New Season Has Begun

Words cannot describe this past week and the unbelieveable blessing of getting to experience first hand God's faithfulness. He is leading me down a new path and into a new season. It seems rapid, sudden, abrupt. But really not at all, as I recall the last nine months seeking and begging Him for guidance, clarity, and direction. It just seems so bizarre how it all came about. How clear it was that I was to take the summer "off" to intentionally serve others. In fact, it seemed so obvious that I tried to convince myself that this idea had to be of me rather than Him. Everything has been working out so ridiculously, that it is very apparent He is in every detail - big and small.

What a "chore" it has been already as I pack my belongings to put into storage. The last few years He has been PATIENTLY teaching me to live frugally. As I go through my closet and drawers I realize I have a LOOONG way to go. Its a little bittersweet as I box up all my stuff. Realizing that I am temporarily leaving this ginormous state that I have come to call "home" over the past two years; as well as some of the kindest, most humble, God-fearing people I have ever encountered. (Not to worry...I should be back in the Lone Star State in August.)

But at the sametime I am so excited, some might even label me giddy, as I think of all the familiar faces I will get to see and the amazing opportunities He has placed before me. I am so grateful to have the chance to go home and help my dad with some remodeling projects. (Eeekkk...this could get interesting!) God has put on my heart to take advantage of my singleness and to pour into relationships and people that He has blessed me with. I look forward to quality "girl time" during my trip to Maui with my mom and sister. There is just something about visiting incredible places like Hawaii, that reminds me just how great and mighty my Creator is!!!

I will also be traveling to Guadalajara, Mexico and possibly Seoul, South Korea on mission trips to help with various projects and camps and to share His love with others. I can't even imagine what God has in store, but I am certain He will be glorified! And I will finally get to put my Spanish minor to use in Mexico (too bad I can barely remember how to say my name!)

I am excited and thankful for the new season that He is leading me into, but at the same time comes alot of unknown variables, which can definitely lead to fear and anxiety when I focus on that rather than Him. I hope and pray that this summer is not about me, rather all about Him and His glory!

God, thank you so much for this opportunity and for truly giving me the desires of my heart. Make me Your hands and feet this summer as You guide and direct my path. Shape me and mold me to be more like Christ.

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