June 2, 2008

i LOVE...

cupcakes. in fact, i am convinced that they are the universal symbol for happiness. think about it, have you ever seen anyone with a cupcake that was NOT happy? there is one stipulation - they MUST be the fancy cupcakes from a bakery not the cheap ones you can buy at any random grocery store. there is a little shop in fort worth that i am beginning to get addicted to - the cupcake cottage - you should stop by if you are in the area. they have different flavors each day and even miniature cakes, so you can have more than just one and feel absolutely no guilt. yep, cupcakes are most certainly the way to my heart. (well that and sloppy joes, but i will leave that disgusting fact for another blog...)

early morning jogs. it is such a rewarding feeling to run a long distance before the sun has even risen. the air is crisp and the temperature is perfect. it is a constant reminder of how great our God is - seeing the beautiful sunrise and rediscovering all the beautiful flowers and trees along the way. i love listening to great worship music on my ipod and spending my time focused on Him rather than the things i THINK i have to accomplish that day.

coffee. i LOVE coffee! my favorite is drinking coffee from a cute mug at a coffee shop or restaurant. coffee makes my day - EVERYDAY! i could drink it anytime - day or night and during any season - cold or hot!

catching up with an old friend. picking up where we left off, regardless of how much time has gone by since our last conversation. hearing details of their journey through life - engagements, weddings, babies - and seeing how He has been glorified through it all.

music. i consider it great therapy, regardless of what mood i'm in. i get excited when i stumble across a new artist who's songs aren't repeatedly played on the radio. i love how i can hear an old song and it brings me back to the past as if no time has passed.

reading. i could probably read for a living. i love to curl up with a good book and hide out from the rest of the world. i fear becoming complacent - i want to continue to learn new things everyday. i like the "feel good" stories, nonfiction, theology and religion, real life experiences, history, etc.

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Cindy Boecking said...

I came across your site after looking at your recent guadalajara(?) pics (which are awesome, by the way). I share your love of cupcakes. One of my best friends is opening up a cupcake bakery called "Cuppies and Joe" October 1st in OKC! I'm pumped. You'll have to come check it out. And I love your blog.