July 27, 2008


It seems I fall in love with Maui every time I visit. Its hard to accurately describe this amazing island our wonderful Creator designed. Most pictures don't capture the true beauty either. Below are a just a few reasons why it is one of my favorite places, as well as some pics from my trip...

Beautiful beaches. The culture. Delicious food. The sound of waves crashing into the sand. Sipping on a warm cup of coffee watching the powerful ocean. Ridiculously amazing views. Hula and Tahitian dancing. The sunrise. Early morning walks along the beach. Shave ice - strawberry and pina colada with ice cream at the bottom and cream on top to be exact. Alexander's fish and chips. The sunset. Maui Gold pineapple - extra sweet of course. Hearing everyone's "story" on how they ended up in paradise. My beautiful and sweet ohana (family). Kihei Caffe. Laidback locals. ABC Store.

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Anonymous said...

Your Hawaii pics are great!! I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen you! Good grief! Are you coming back to Texas?