August 11, 2008

Go World!!!

I don't know what it is about the Olympics that gets me so excited?!? My heart is racing, blood is pumping and I can go from yelling my head off to a face full of tears in a matter of seconds. Its quite impressive actually. I suppose it is fairly obvious that I absolutely LOVE the Olympics, or any sporting event for that matter. I mean when else do I stay up until odd hours of the night to watch table tennis or water polo?!?

I enjoy hearing the history and story behind each athlete. Their sacrifice, dedication, endurance, successes, failures. Everything leading up to this very opportunity to represent their country in an event that they are so passionate about.

Its so cool to see athletes and spectators from across the world that speak so many different languages all cheering for one thing - their team to win the gold!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Olympics are addicting! They are about the only thing that we have watch in the last week! Insane! But you can't turn it off!