April 17, 2009

so far...

I have been in La Manzanilla for a month now. It's crazy to even type that, as it feels like I just arrived yesterday. I have learned so much in the last month. Not just a new language, but also many things about myself. At times my brain feels like mush. The number of kind and generous people that I have met since my arrival is overwhelming. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. Below are a few highlights,experiences, and lessons learned since my arrival in Mexico.

- I have learned that knowing Spanish vocabulary words DOES NOT mean you speak espaƱol. Darn!
- I miss my family way more than expected.
- I have seen 8th graders napping on the classroom floor.
- Lime and salt makes just about anything taste great.
- Waking up to the sound of the ocean and seeing the beautiful landscape stirs my affections for the Lord.
- Somedays I think I could live here forever.
- I can't say no to fresh bread or anything sweet.
- I LOVE walking everywhere!!
- I watched a kid in trouble, sitting outside attempting to rope rocks in the school yard!?!
- I have seen many crocodiles to close for comfort.
- Somedays I think I could take the next flight out of here.
- I dream of my next visit to Starbucks!
- My walks on the beach have been sweet times with Him.
- Did I mention how much I miss my family? My doggies too!!
- I have had my first real encounter with a snake.
- Apparently there is no such thing as Diet Dr. Pepper here.
- There are dogs everywhere and I love it!
- I have learned to make fresh salsa, guacomole, and agua de jamaica.
- There's a good possibility if I don't stop eating at the taco stands, I won't be allowed on the plane home.
- I cry on the inside when strange creatures make an appearance.
- Most importantly, I am reminded on a regular basis that "He who promised IS faithful..."

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