June 21, 2009


My sister and I lived with my dad after my parent's divorce. I was in kindergarten. Or first grade? That detail I can't seem to remember. What I do remember is how great a man my dad was...and still is.

Loving, kind, giving, compassionate. These are all qualities that he displayed on a daily basis. He took us all over the nation to experience different churches and attend various camps. I always heard him praying for our family after we went to bed. He taught me to fear the Lord.

He has unbelievable stories from serving in the Vietnam War as a Marine. Stories that prove there is indeed a God, and He was protecting my dad.

Selfless on all accounts, he is a true example of giving until it hurts. He even took some time to live among the homeless. To gain perspective and appreciate life more.

He worked hard to provide for my sister and I. To give us everything our heart's desired. I think this is why I have such a hard time taking "no" for an answer. *grin*

Since we were both cheerleaders, he had to attend the occasional parent meetings, which consisted entirely of moms. Poor guy had to suffer through discussions about bows, skirts, and spirit fingers. Ha! "Gymnastics Chauffer" could also be listed as one of his occupations, as he toted me and my friends to class each week to a nearby town.

I could go on forever listing many different names to describe my dad. But to this day, my sister and I still only call him by one name - "daddy".

Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

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