June 24, 2009

Place In My Heart

I am heading back to the US for the summer. Knowing my departure date would quickly show its face, the last few weeks I have tried to appreciate all the simple pleasures La Manzanilla has to offer. Is this even possible?

I can't fully comprehend the marvelous display of colors as the sun sets over the ocean. How do I explain to the kids that I miss them already? That I love them more than I even realize? That I truly am returning in just a few short months? I want to soak in all the warmth from the golden sun and capture the sound of the waves breaking on the beach so that I can replay it constantly while I am away. How do I thank all the kind and compassionate people here for the huge impact they have made in my life? For welcoming me into their hearts, homes, and community?

I don't know how to articulate all that I am feeling to the extraordinary people of this charming town, but I do know La Manzanilla already holds a special place in my heart.

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