November 2, 2008

I voted...

I voted early a few days ago. I can't say I had a great feeling as I stuck my ballot in the machine. I didn't feel very educated or informed on the state candidates. I even attempted to research each candidate and what they stood for...not much luck.

I CAN say I didn't break the ballot machine this time, which is a huge improvement from the previous election. I brought my sister along in case another humiliating situation arose.

It was pretty exciting seeing so many people in line to vote! I know I often take voting for granted, when there are many people in other countries that don't have this choice...

I wonder what it would look like if a candidate would do something amazing with the money raised, rather than waste it on advertising costs and trashing their opponent...just a thought. I also wonder what the outcome would be if the election was decided by poplular vote rather than the electoral college??

Tuesday will be interesting... Thank goodness God is on His throne and already knows what the outcome will be!!

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