November 29, 2008

twenty eight & blessed

My birthday was a few days ago. It was a hard one. Not really because of the age I have reached. In fact, I think 28 sounds so "wise" and "put together." I hope I can live up to that standard. *grin* I suppose it was hard because of where I am at this point in my life. Or actually where I am NOT???

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my life. But lately I have started realizing my life doesn't look alot like the average 28 year old. I'm not married and don't have kids. No mortgage and as of a few months ago, no lifelong career established. In fact, I am working out the details to hopefully leave the country in a few months and even possibly start school in the Fall.

Its funny to recall my thoughts 10 years ago when I was an ever-so-wise 18 year old getting ready to head off to college. I had my life planned out. Married by 23, kids by 25. Did I mention how I was going to make millions immediately after graduating from college?? Oh how reality hit hard and God completely destroyed my plans that were simply that - MY PLANS!!

I am grateful for where I am now. I am excited about the passions and desires He has placed in my heart. As I reflect on this past year, bittersweet memories rush to my mind. It was a tough year, but those months allowed for precious times with my Savior. I am closer to my family than ever before and am fortunate for all of the genuine moments I have gotten to share with them. I am breathing air that I do not deserve. I have more people that love me unconditionally than I can count. I am so blessed and am thankful for the 28 years that I have been given. I can't wait to see all the amazing things that this year holds!!!

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