February 15, 2010


Right before you get to La Manzanilla, there is a spot on the highway where the trees and brush have been cleared and you can catch a quick glimpse of the beauty of the precious town.

Whether by bus or in car, I always get butterflies in my tummy when I see the miraculous view, knowing someplace indescribable is just around the corner. I can picture the kids' faces, the people of the community, and those that have become some of my dearest friends. I get excited knowing I am just minutes away from being home and surrounded by some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

I feel the same about where I am in life right now. The reality that this chapter is coming to an end is staring me in the face. In all honesty, leaving is going to be a lot harder than I ever imagined. Yet, I get so excited in expectation of what He has planned next. I catch mere glimpses of the journey He has in store for me.

My experience in La Manzanilla is proof of His faithfulness in my life. The way that I ended up here still amazes me, as it was not something I had planned or I had ever imagined being a part of. It serves as a constant reminder to me that His plans for my life truly are much greater than I could ever dream up.

With all that being said, I look forward to the glimpses He throws my way as He prepares me for what is next...

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Elisa said...

What a strange feeling to read your blog and understand exactly what you're saying. :) Your words are reflections of similar feelings I felt, but they're said through another vessel, another vision. It's nostalgic and envious at the same time! You're living a magical dream that I look forward to encounter again... But the future's so uncertain! I can't force myself to go just whenever I please. I have to remember that I'll return when it is my time and meant to be... I still have dreams about La Manzanilla. The community, the feelings I had. It's something so special and unique... You are truly blessed to experience it, and it's beautiful that you are humbly aware of it. I don't know why I waited so long to read your blog! I'm glad I did. It touched me. :) Thank you for sharing your sincere words. Continue to share!